About Us

About Us

Transfer and Deposit your money anytime, anywhere in the world

GXEGY is a technology company developing the most effective method of transferring money internationally.

Our Mission

We work to help businesses throughout the world maximise their profits and create consistent value and support to our merchants. This is our mission. Everything we do reflects this mission and the values that make it possible.

Our Visions

Our vision is to revolutionise the way money is transferred globally, making it faster, more affordable, and more accessible to everyone. We envision a world where individuals and businesses can effortlessly send and receive money across borders with ease and transparency. Through our innovative technology and strategic partnerships, we aim to create a seamless and secure money transfer platform that eliminates the barriers and complexities associated with traditional remittance methods. Our ultimate goal is to empower individuals and businesses to connect, support their loved ones, and grow their opportunities, regardless of their location. We strive to be the leading money transfer company that brings financial inclusion, convenience, and trust to every transaction, ultimately fostering economic growth and prosperity for all.

Special Features

Exploring Our Special Features

Sending money globally with multiple currencies to your beloved one easily, safely & securely with low fees in just few minutes

Account Transfers

Get your pay early and when you need it the most

Easy Registration

Registration only takes 5-10 min to complete and approval is instant

Issuing Cards

Enabling GXEGY customers to issue Visa and MasterCard cards easily

Special Features
Payment Channel Options

Better manage your day to day spending with GXEGY

All Banks Supported

No setup fees, No late fees you only pay transaction fee

Fully Featured Sandbox

No setup fees, no late fees, just pay a transaction fee

What is Paypal Wallet?

Payment Gateway

The project improves skills, fosters entrepreneurship and creates employment along selected value chains.

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Frequently Questions

Have a read through our FAQs for more information and if you have any further questions and would like us to get in touch.

I have some questions regarding my GXEGY integration. Who can I contact?

During office hours you can contact us and speak to one of our support agents who are trained to assist you with your integration, alternatively you can send us an email at [email protected]

What geographical locations does each payment gateway support?

Geographic locations are set by each payment gateway. GXEGY does not support the locations that each payment gateway accepts. It is recommended that you reach out to the support team for your corresponding payment gateway to check your location and if you can accept payments.

How many payment gateways can I have in my account?

You will get 24 payment gateways in total. In the near future, if GXEGY deals with a new payment gateway, everyone will get access to that.

Is payment information collected by GXEGY?

Using the API to pass payment information directly to your payment gateway means that GXEGY doesn't directly collect any information submitted through the funnel. To help ensure protection while the data is passed, order form pages employ a higher level of security than a standard page and require HTTPS to work properly.

How much does a payment gateway cost?

Every payment gateway has a unique payment structure, so it’s important to do comparative research. Some processors will ask for a monthly maintenance fee, while others will require a one-time setup fee. Whatever the case, it’s important to look out for hidden costs and conditions that may affect the overall price.