Wallet Services
1. EGP Wallet: Free
2. USD Wallet: Free
3. GBP Wallet: Free
4. EUR Wallet: Free
5. SAR Wallet: Free
6. AED Wallet: Free

7. CAD Wallet: Free

Transaction Fees
Domestic Transfers (within same currency): 0.5% of the transaction amount.

Cross-Currency Transfers (between different currencies): 2% of the transaction amount.

Payment Gateway Integration
Currency Conversion
Withdrawal Fees
  Bank Transfer (Local UK): $5
  Bank Transfer (International): $25
  ATM Withdrawal (Domestic): $3 per transaction.
  ATM Withdrawal (International): $5 per transaction.

Additional Services
   Escrow Management: $10 + 2% of the transaction amount.
   Invoice Generation: $3 + 2% of the transaction amount.
   Customer Support: Free.
   Card Issuance (Virtual): $12 per card.

    Setup Fee: $0

Transaction Fee:  $3 + 2% of the transaction amount.

Fee: 1-2% of the transaction amount (applied to currency exchange during transactions)

Note: All fees are in USD unless otherwise stated. Fees are subject to change.